The Faces of God

by Sarah Itterman
The faces of God are many we learn
At first the reflection of this belief appears misconstrued
Yet it’s not that hard in the end to readily discern
For basic doctrine teaches us already that God is three in one
And it’s natural to mention the equation so true:
That one times one times one always equals one

So it is with God, countless yet every face distinctive
We see the faces of God throughout the annals of Scripture:
His kingly face ruling His people with an iron scepter
His judgement face chastising those who from Him fall
His suffering face as He provided for us to eternally live
His peaceful face beholding His beautiful creation
His joyful face when His children obey the heavenly call
His loving face guiding us through trials and temptations
All these are but a foretaste of the many faces of God.

But here is another thought we must consider:
That we, the people of His image, bear the faces of God too
For every saint, each unique from the other
Has various faces from sister to brother
Just as the body has several members, yet all work in harmony
We as His church are to join together in the same unity
Each of us blessed with diverse gifts and talents from above
We are still one in spirit, faith and love
Because one times one times one always equals one

Throughout church history as we contemplate saints of old
We are reminded of the faces of those who have gone before:
The face of a saint serving God in faithful missions bold
The face of a saint resisting the evil one He helped us conquer
The face of a saint suffering anguish in dark prison walls
The face of a saint peacefully resting on His promises forever
The face of a saint joyfully receiving the gospel call
The face of a saint loving not only friend but persecutor
The noble examples of these followers should within us stir
Our hearts to have courage to persevere in faith tirelessly
Despite whatever lies in store for our intended destiny

We must not forget the great cloud of witnesses
A never ending chain joined through the ages
Link by link never to become weak or broken
Through which we see the many faces of God
There is no greater beauty than that of oneness
We are and always will be forever one
Fore one times one times one always equals one

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